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Welcome to 28 chungchun mall

2018.05.25 관리자 3475

Welcome to 28 chungchun mall


These days most people visit large market such as Homeplus, Emart for a grocery shopping rather than traditional market. To revive traditional market, government made large markets not to open on Sunday biweekly. But it only made large market crowded day before the holiday. One of the reasons why people don’t visit traditional market is people think the market is so old-fashioned. Again government and every local government made another solution.That’s a Chungchun mall.

   Local government lends a place in cheap price to the young CEO’s. Young CEOs who have different business item gather up in one traditional market to form a Chungchum mall. It is not only located in Suwon but also in Jeonju, Seoul, Daegu etc.

As a SCVA member I went to Suwon Chungchun mall located inside the Youngdong marketplace. There were bakery baking with rice flour, a curry restaurant, metal craft shop and so on. Inside the mall it was really clean and designed with colorful wall paintings which were totally different from the stereotype most people have about traditional market. There were many visitors than I expected but still it needs more advertisement so that more people can enjoy here.

 [This article was written as part of SCVA(Suwon Center's Volunteer Activators) activities.]


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