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  • 2016 Suwon Theater Festival

    May is known as "a month of family" because there are many dates that remind us of what it really means to be a family. And there was 20th anniversary Suwon theater festival that was successfully held from May 5th to 8th.

  • Special exhibition ‘Black Forest’ in Suwon

    Suwon Ipark museum of art holds "Black Forest" to celebrate Germany the sister city agreement between Freiburg and Suwon. The museum showcases paintings sent by Augustiner museum in Freiburg from April 9 to June 26 at art gallery 4 and 5.

  • Suwon's Son, Ryu, the Leading Actor in 'Please Respond 1988'

    In fact, we can find many stars to brighten Suwon. They also brighten every home through TV screen. Especially, a man who made 'Respond Syndrome', Ryu Jun Yeol is a representative actor from Suwon.

  • Welcome spring with flowers!

    How did you start your new year 2016? It may be a little late to speak of the new year, now that spring is here. Spring is a nice season to take off thick clothes and take a walk in parks, especially during flower bloom.

  • The special Night View of Hwaseong Temporary Palace

    Hello guys, today i am going to introduce you an attraction for an outing in spring night. The place where i am going to tell you about is Hwaseong Temparary palace, of course it is one of the most famous places in Suwon. But did you know that its night view is much more beautiful than its daytime one? Most of you guys may not know about it. So here are some photos to show you how beautiful it is.

  • Of the Human City Suwons International Sister City Relations with Siem Reap Pr...

    As far as international cooperation is concerned, Human City Suwon has been operating the International Sister Cities program with 16 different cities of other countries across continents from Asia and European to Latin America.

  • Some Living Guides for Foreigners in Suwon City

    Living in a foreign country is tough and challenging though it is an exciting experience one may admit. However, with affordable technology in general and wider Internet accessibility in particular, it has facilitated newcomers in the country so as the city in a great deal of ways to cope with both expected and unexpected circumstances incurring during their

  • 2016 Suwon Hwaseong Visit Year

    This year 2016 Suwon city is determined to host the 2016 Suwon Hwaseong Visit Year. Throughout this year there will be a variety of different cultural events and festivals across Suwon city and especially at Suwon Hwaseong

  • Samsung Innovation Museum (SIM)

    Many people (if not all) know about Samsung through its technological innovations or devices from the first semi- conductor being made to recent Smartphones, TVs, and etc. Samsung has been one of Korean prides for its tremendous success in the internationally recognized high-tech industry. This is just a brief I could tell about Samsung in short.

  • 'Car-free Street' in the EcoMobility town, Haenggungdong of Suwon

    Car-free street event was held in the Haenggung-dong by the Residents Association and Suwon Central Police Station on Saturday 28th November.

  • The 8th Suwons Saturday; Travelling on Liberal Arts

    Saturday, 28th, November, the 8th Suwons Saturday Travelling on Liberal Arts was held in Suwon Lifelong Learning Center

  • The 2nd Suwon Korean Speaking Contest for Foreign Residents

    The 2nd Suwon Korean Speaking Contest of Foreign Residents was held on the 22nd of November by Suwon government at city hall. There were sixteen teams that consisted of workers and foreign immigrant women from Vietnam, Philippine, China, Nepal, and Kazakhstan.