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Suwon city Kakao Talk Plus friend

2018.12.06 관리자 5883

Suwon city Kakao Talk Plus friend

                                                                                                                                       작성자: 여기호

Suwon city has a KakaoTalk Plus friend. You can get lots of information about Suwon from that.

Firstly, Suwon has two professional sport teams. One is a soccer team, the other one is baseball team. You can get a discount if you add the Plus friend on Kakaotalk.

Secondly, Suwon has lots of museum and place to go sightseeing such as Suwon Hwaseong, Hwaseong Temporary Palace, Suwon Museum, Suwon Hwaseong Museum and Suwon KwangKyo Museum. You can enter these 5 places for free.

 Thridly, Suwon has a city bus and bicycle taxi. You can get a discount these things as well.

 In addition, Haenggung-dong nearby Hwaseong Temporary Palace has two places to rent Korean traditional clothes ‘Hanbok’. People can get a discount there as well.

One is 행궁낭자

Address - Suwonsi Paldalgu Jeongjoro 801bungil 4

Website - http:// 행궁낭자.com


The other one is 장금이

Address - Suwonsi Paldalgu Haenggungro 19

Website - http:// jengem.kr


Lastly, you can watch any movies for \6,000 (won)

( In case you pay on-site payment in Megabox, Southgate, Suwon)


(사진출처 - 수원시청)



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