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“Focus Kazakhstan Exhibition” at Suwon Ipark Museum of Art!

2018.12.06 관리자 6403

“Focus Kazakhstan Exhibition” at Suwon Ipark Museum of Art!

                                                                                                                                                           작성자: 한규원


The Suwon IPark Museum of Art is hosting the 2018 International Exhibition of Focus Kazakhstan: Eurasian Utopia. 
The exhibition displays Kazakhstan's cultural art. Kazakhstan is the largest trading nation and the center of Central Asian culture. This exhibition is a monumental exhibition of Kazakhstan’s modern and contemporary art that is first introduced in Korea.

At the Suwon exhibition, a total of 110 art works including paintings, installations and media of 57 contemporary artists including team will be introduced.

The exhibition is divided into two parts according to the times. The first part introduces 20th century art, which consists of the National Museum of Kazakhstan and the collections of the Caspian Museum of Art.