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The 4th SWCIC Korean Culture Day “The beauty of Hangeul”

2018.12.06 관리자 5928

The 4th SWCIC Korean Culture Day “The beauty of Hangeul”


On December 1st, SCVA foreign participants were gathered for the last SWCIC culture day of this year.

SWCIC offers free cultural experiences to foreigners living in Suwon.

This time our theme was “The beauty of Hangeul”.

We are all aware of the greatness of Hangeul but beauty of Hangeul can be recognized when we actually write them. Also, writing the letter with a pen and brush is totally different. Therefore, we tried to decorate a fan with Hangeul calligraphy.

Before starting, calligraphy teacher explained about whole process. To simplify, choose the word you want to write and design on the practice paper with writing brush and black ink.



Writing with a writing brush can be hard for foreigners who are trying for the first time. However, with the instructor’s help they quickly got used to the writing brush. Even though it is the same word, it appeared differently depend on writers. In addition, simple word could be shaped like a painting. For example, word ‘’(spring) can be look like a flower if you extend the end of each letter. After couple times of practice, we started to write our own words on the fan. All fans were laced with the beauty of Hangeul.

Writing Hangeul required concentration to spell properly without mistakes. The room was in silence, while we were writing. As a result, everyone successfully completed his or her work.

Since it is cold now, our fans will be put aside during the winter. However, when summer comes, all of us will take out the fan, the fan that contains our memories and the beauty of our language.

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