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About Suwon Center's Volunteer Activators (SCVA)

2018.12.06 관리자 9079

About Suwon Center's Volunteer Activators (SCVA)


Some of you who visit the Suwon Center for International Cooperation’s website might have wondered who wrote those articles in the English blog and who planned the ‘Korean Culture Day.’ And this will be the first article about SCVA and the answers for those questions. I am the team leader of SCVA and I will introduce you about the team. SCVA’ns are recruited every first quarter of the year. This year, 12 SCVA members were selected in March. SCVA’ns are composed of university students who live or study in Suwon. The mission of these crew members is to arrange ‘Korean Culture Day’ programs and to write articles for the blog in English. Korean Culture Day is planned two months before D-day and are held in each quarter of the year. This makes four ‘Korean Culture Day’ a year. SCVA’ns design the programs that can introduce Korean culture to the expatriates in Suwon. SCVA’ns’ first project for this program was to organize 2nd Korean Culture Day, which included cooking dishes from Joseon dynasty and making natural dyed scarf. We had 8 hours and two meetings before we organized the 2nd Korean Culture Day. We successfully held meetings with satisfying results in both quantity and quality of the program-planning. But as always, we struggled with problems. Sometimes we had to change the whole plan due to the weather condition or program casting problems. Moreover, we had problems with participants not coming to the event without notice, lack of information of target participants, and tough advertising route which, was the major task that they had to deal with. Despite the tough problems we had to tackle, we always found ways to make the best result. Sometimes we were frustrated when we ended up having only few participants or having have to change the whole plan but we didn’t give up promoting Korean culture and Suwon.

SCVA team will be disbanded on December 7th, 2018. Until then, to complete the mission, we will keep in touch with the viewers of the English blog through the articles that we write. Through this program, we were able to exchange variety of information with foreigners and were able to promote Korean culture.

SCVA’ns wish the viewers and the expatriates to be able to feel and imagine what Suwon is like. Like filling up a sketchbook, we will always help you sketch Suwon by uploading articles about the city. Hope you enjoy reading the news articles on SWCIC English blog!!

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