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About Suwon city hall

2018.12.06 관리자 5928

About Suwon city hall


Where is the Suwon city hall located?

Suwon city hall is located in the Southeast part of Suwon. The exact address is: 241, Hyowon-ro, Paldal-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea. You can get there by using public transportations in Suwon; you can take a subway getting on Bundang line and get off at Suwon city hall station. Also, you can take buses too. (buses you can take : 201, 51, 61, 81, 82-1, 85, 92, and 92-1).


What does Suwon city hall do?

Suwon city hall is divided into in very various types of branches such as: Planning division, Urban policy division, Culture and Physical education division, Youth policy division, Welfare division, Environment division etc. as the major divisions in city hall. Those branches are subdivided into smaller offices. They handle civil affairs in every particular sections and also carry out their own tasks. Mainly, we can take advantage of these offices by participating programs in Suwon because all public programs are planned by each division in Suwon city hall.

Suwon city hall gives information about general news about Suwon, special events, and all public services you can use. For example, Suwon city hall holds ‘Korean speaking contest’ annually. This year, Suwon city hall held this event last November 25th.


What are the events that we can participate?

Here are some of events that we can participate this year:



Date & Time



안녕하신가영’ exhibition

2018.10.23 ~ 2019.02.24

Suwon I park museum of art

4,000 KRW

Suwon’s palace, Hwaseong Haenggung

Special exhibition

2018.10.18 ~ 2018.12.16

Suwon Hwaseong Museum

Adult 2,000 KRW

Under 18 1,000 KRW

Suwon municipal choir ‘Opera La Bohème’

2018.12.14 ~ 2018.12.15

(19:30 ~ 22:15)

Suwon SK Artrium

5000~20,000 KRW

Jeon Wonkyung’s Odeum beside Art museum


Suwon SK Artrium

12,000 KRW


For furthermore information, you may visit Suwon city hall website http://www.suwon.go.kr/

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