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Healthy transportation in Suwon

2018.12.06 관리자 9576

Healthy transportation in Suwon



Wish a healthy life? Want to move short distance quickly without riding public transportations? Here we recommend you new type of transportation that meets your needs. This year, a company named ‘Mobike’ released approximately 6,000 bicycles in Suwon. People can freely ride this bike by making an account in Mobike application and pay the stated price. Since the price is reasonable, many people are using Mobike. Mobikes can be easily found in the streets. All we have to do is to find them and ride whenever we want. Below is the instruction on how to use Mobike:

First step: (How to Register)

First, download ‘Mobike’ application on your phone. Second, Sign up an account and register your bank account or credit/debit card. Third, pay certain amount you would like to charge. Here is the promotion.

First offer: With 4000 won(50% off), you can use Mobike 20 minutes free for 30 days. In order to use longer time for free, you just have to stop by and lock before 20 minutes elapses. Then, you can use another 20 minutes after unlocking the Mobike again. There is no limit for repeating this action.

Second offer: With 10,000 won(16% off), you can use Mobike 20 minutes free for 90 days. This offer has the same regulation as above.


Second step: (How to find Mobike)

When you turn on the application you can see circles on the map. The black pin indicates your location, and the orange circles on the map are the available Mobikes that you can use. All you have to do is to get to the circles and take the Mobike for ride.





And when you select one of the circles in the map, you can even reserve it. To reserve, you just have to click the gray oval on the right top side of this picture.





Third step: (How to Unlock)

When you arrive to the orange circle, you can find an orange bike parked on the spot. Then you just have to scan the QR code to unlock the Mobike. QR codes are found in every handle of Mobikes.








Every time you ride, the application runs. So be sure to charge your mobile phone before using this. It might consume your battery fast because it uses your GPS and Bluetooth.


In addition, this application records calories you burned, distance you rode, and carbon that you reduced by riding Mobike. So this is healthy, eco-friendly, and convenient transportation you can use in Suwon!

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