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Korean culture day ‘Seal making’

2018.12.06 관리자 5626

Korean culture day ‘Seal making’


December 1st 2018, Suwon Center for International Cooperation (SWCIC) opened ‘Korean Culture day’. Participants of this program were 12 expatriates in Suwon. The purpose of this program was to show the beauty of ‘Hangeul’ to the expatriates. Program provided two types of lectures which were making ‘Hangeul calligraphy fan’ and ‘Handmade Hangeul seal’. This article will focus on the seal making session.

 Seal making took longer than making Hangeul calligraphy fan since it needed more concentration and precise craftsmanship. The lecturer Mrs. Lee instructed making intaglio seal. ‘Intaglio seal’ means that the letters in seal are carved instead of carving out the background. So the ink is coated on the seal excluding the letters.

Making Intaglio seal seemed like a very complicated job. First, we designed our names in Hangeul on the square paper which was sized exactly the same with the seal. Second, we rewrote them on the oil paper. Third, we flipped the oil paper and placed the writings on the stamp. Fourth, we rewrote the letters again on the flipped side of the oil paper so that the carbon paper on stamp can finally print the image on the seal stone. Lastly, we carved the printed letters so that the seal can clearly show the writings. After carving the seal, we stamped them on the paper and Mrs. Lee wrote our names on it.

This course took more than 2 hours. Most participants had hard time carving the stone seal since we had to carve it precisely, deeply, and boldly. Although it took a long time and needed much effort, everyone learned the beauty of Hangeul through this program. Mrs. Lee said, “We can design Hangeul and make it a piece of art.” All of us designed our names that can show our characteristics.





                (My seal)                                   (Mrs. Lee at the center and the participants)

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