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'Korean Culture Day' A Successful Event with SCVA Supporters

2019.04.30 관리자 6421

‘Korean Culture Day’ A Successful Event with SCVA Supporters

                                                                                                                      Minchae Seo



   Hosted by Suwon Center for International Cooperation (SWCIC), ‘The first SWCIC Korean Culture Day’ (hereinafter referred to as Korean Culture Day) was held on April 6. Under the theme of ‘City Tour, Cherry Blossom Suwon’, the participants joined a tour to explore the cultural assets embracing the history of Suwon and the Cherry Blossom Festival at Gyeonggi Provincial Office. The 70 foreign residents of Suwon who took part in the Korean Culture Day were composed of various age groups and nationalities as well as those from different fields, including students from SWCIC Korean language class and Universities in Suwon, office workers and family members.


   First, the participants who gathered at Suwon Station set off for ‘Toilet Culture Exhibition Hall of Haewoojae (Mr. Toilet House)’ where they can feel Shim Jae-deok, the former Suwon mayor’s affection for the toilet culture. The exhibition hall was a toilet-shaped building constructed by Shim Jae-deok who tore down his 30-year-old house to be rebuilt into the exhibition hall to commemorate the foundation of the World Toilet Association. Various exhibits at the hall, such as Hoja, Mitsitgae and Tongsibyeonso, offered an intimate glimpse of Korea’s old toilet culture, which is somewhat unfamiliar to foreigners.