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Gyeonggi Suwon Airshow 2016

2016.05.27 관리자 6818

Gyeonggi Suwon Airshow 2016

Hello everyone.


Now it is May. May is known as 'a month of family' in korea, because there are many dates related to family.


Celebrating 'family month', Suwon city holds many festivals on May. For example, there were 'Suwon Theatre Festival', 'Asia Model Festival', 'Handicrafts Fair', and 'Suwon Air show'. City also offered free admission through Kakao Talk friends with 'Suwon'.


Among these events, today I'd like to introduce 'Gyeonggi Suwon Airshow 2016'. It was held on May 7,8 in Suwon airfield. There was no entrance fee.

City prepared lots of activities for visitors. Visitors could watch various air show including 'BLACKEAGLES'. Moreover, there were aircraft exhibition, boarding experience, science fair, space challenge, and other various programs.


You needed to use public transportation to visit the air show because the place was closed to public transportation stations. And food and drinks were not allowed.


I hope you would visit these air shows and made good memories.


If you want to get more information about the events, please visit web site at https://airshow.swcf.or.kr/ 

Pictures from https://airshow.swcf.or.kr/

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