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Welcome spring with flowers!

2016.04.14 관리자 7390

Welcome spring with flowers!


How did you start your new year 2016? It may be a little late to speak of the new year, now that spring is here. Spring is a nice season to take off thick clothes and take a walk in parks, especially during flower bloom. Then, where should we go to see flowers? I'd like to introduce top 2 places in Suwon to go out for enjoying flowers.



1) GyeongGi-DO Provincial Government


The first place is a 'GyeongGi-DO Provincial Government'. This place is one of the most famous flower viewing places in Suwon. Especially there are cherry blossom in full blossom.

Last year, I also went to here in spring. The flowers are blooming alongside the street. It's very good place to take photos. However, there are lots of people in spring. If you want to go a quiet place, you may find other place.



2) Gwanggyo Lake Park


The second place is a 'Gwanggyo Lake Park'. Search this park on the internet. Then, you will be able to see many beautiful pictures. Actually, 'Gwanggyo Lake Park' is a great place to enjoy a light picnic as well as enjoying flowers. Furthermore, you can borrow a bicycle at a reasonable price there. You can go 'Gwanggyo Lake Park' anytime you want. The night time mood is different with the day time mood. At night, the street lights comes on, and the color of the light is very attractive. If you see this image, you may fall in love with this park. I really recommend you to go to these places.



Many people think of Seoul when they plan for flower viewing. However, you don't need to go to Seoul anymore. There are lots of beautiful roads in Suwon. In this spring, let's enjoy flowers in near Suwon!


According to the articles, flowering time is expected on April 7th. Let's make a date with friends or families.


Photographs from http://blog.naver.com/damoolho/220329401377


[This article was written as part of SCVA(Suwon Center's Volunteer Activators) activities.]

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