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Review of SCVA Activity

2023.12.06 관리자 474

Review of SCVA activity

Since I visited Spain last year, my interest in visiting Korea or foreigners living in Korea has increased. In the meantime, I got to know about the activities of the Suwon Center’s Volunteer Activator (SVCA) in 2023, and I participated in SVCA activities because it was attractive that I could take the lead in public diplomacy to promote Korea and Suwon, and to promote public exchanges among citizens.

I participated in an international exchange program a total of five times and provided event planning and interpretation support. Among them, the most impressive activity was the Jamboree event in August. Due to the typhoon issue, participants from each country who participated in the Jamboree were distributed from the Saemangeum campsite to each local government, and I had the opportunity to help Canadian crew members who stayed in Suwon City. I hesitated to apply because of my lack of English skills, but after the event, I realized that I could fully promote Korean culture even with my short English skills, and I felt it would be okay to be more confident. Although there were some difficulties due to the typhoon for two days, it was a special time for me to be able to experience different cultures and experience various things. Now that the 10th SCVA activity is coming to an end, I would like to continue to interact with foreigners and promote Korea with a sense of self-reliance in public diplomacy.

Thank you to the Suwon International Exchange Center for providing me with a special opportunity for experience!