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2023 Jinan University Language Training Program

2023.12.05 관리자 788

2023 Jinan University Language Training Program

Let me introduce you to the local language training program of Jinan University in China!
The language training program has been suspended for the past three years due to COVID-19.
It starts again this year!

This year marks the 35th anniversary of the sisterhood relationship between Suwon City and Jinan City, China.
Suwon City and Jinan City in China exempt students from tuition, dormitory fees, and registration fees every year.
Currently, two university students in Suwon City are participating in the language training course for about a year from September 2023 to July 2024.
The selection of scholarship students for language training at China's Jinan university in 2024 will be announced in early May next year.
We ask for your interest and support from Suwon citizens and students of Suwon University.
See you next May!