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Mr. Toilet house: The biggest toilet in Suwon

2018.12.06 2329

Mr. Toilet house: The biggest toilet in Suwon


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Do you want to have an exotic experience? Why dont you come on and see the biggest toilet in Suwon. Hae-Woo-Jae is a toile museum located in 463, Jangan-ro, Jangan-gu, Suwon-si.


ó: https://www.haewoojae.com


To commemorate the establishment of the World Toilet Conference and to inform the world the importance of the toilet, Mr. Toilet (Shim Jae Duk) built this facility called Haewoojae. The name means, the home to release concerns and stresses. Just like its meaning, toilet is a place for people. They emit things out in there.

Actually, this place used to be the house of Mr. Toilet for 30 years but he turned it into Toilet museum. Why did he made such a change? Mr. Toilet (Shim Jae Duck) wanted to emphasize the importance of toilet to people. You can see the idea and belief he has through the museum.


ó: https://www.haewoojae.com

There are many exhibitions on the first floor. You can learn history and culture of toilet. If you go upstairs, there are interesting drawings of excrements. Obviously, since it is a toilet museum; every place is related to the subject. Also there is a theme park of toilet too. You can take pictures that not everyone can take there.

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ó: https://www.suwon.go.kr

Since toilet museum contains the dream and energy of Mr. Shim Jae duck, it is opened to everyone for free of charge. You can simply watch the exhibition or you can participate in special activities too. Its also nice a place to go on a picnic. Do not miss the chance to enter the biggest toilet!


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