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SWCIC's Online Language Exchange News

2020.11.18 322

SWCIC's Online Language Exchange  News


the Suwon Center for International Cooperation is actively promoting "uncontact" (non-face-to-face) online international exchanges in line with the "post-corona era" and expanding non-face-to-face exchanges using the online video conference platform. It is currently conducting online exchanges with three Japanese cities.


Suwon & Shizuoka

In July, 19 students from Suwon City and 18 students from Shizuoka City began online exchanges together.


Student exchanges between the two cities began in 2014 with a visit to Shizuoka by a delegation of university students in Suwon City, but students were disappointed that the recent Korona 19 canceled the students' visit to Japan earlier this year.


However, with the active participation of students from both cities, we held an orientation using the video conference platform ZOOM on July 21.


At the orientation, we had time to introduce ourselves and guide our progress schedules, and to discuss the topics and methods of discussion by groups until November and promote friendship.


"We are fortunate to be able to interact with each other even in a situation where we are not free to visit overseas."


Participants said, "I hope it will be an opportunity to learn about the common interests of Korean and Japanese students, including Korona issues and youth issues, as well as each other's regions." There were various opinions such as this.


Group exchanges will be conducted from August to October by selecting topics based on social and cultural issues that each group is interested in, and in November, a joint result report will be held to share the results of exchanges between the four groups.


With this non-face-to-face exchange, we hope that a new exchange model will be established and sustainable exchanges will take place.



Suwon & Hukui


The Online Language Exchange, which has been held annually with the Japanese city of Fukui since 2013, will be expanded from the second half of this year. It has also been interacting with Osaka since July.


Online language exchanges with Fukui and Osaka will take place six times until December. On September 17, "Suwon-Osaka Exchange talking in English." will be held.


Participants freely talk about Korean and Japanese culture. Suwon citizens who can speak Japanese and Fukui and Osaka citizens who can speak Korean will participate.


Ten citizens from each of the two cities who can speak English will participate in the "Suwon-Osaka Korea-Japan Exchange talking in English."


It is recruiting more people for video language exchanges in the Fukui and Osaka regions. I hope you will participate a lot.


1) Suwon-Hukui Video Language Exchange Application Form : https://forms.gle/D7UHvPq8rSWUYeBM8

2) Suwon-Osaka Video Language Exchange Application Form : https://forms.gle/NSdck5jNd4KZzhmQ9

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л ȣ 2014 л ǥ ī 湮 ۵Ǿ Ȱ ӵǾ, ֱ ڷγ19 л Ͽ ҵǾ л ƽ Ҵ.


л 7 21 ȭȸ ÷ ZOOM ̿ ̼ ߴ.


ڱҰ ȳϰ, 4 ׷ 11 鿡 ׷캰 ̾߱⸦ ģ ϴ ð .


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ڵ ѱ Ϻ ȭ Ӱ ̾߱⸦ . Ϻ ִ ù, ѱ ִ ̡īù Ѵ.


̾߱ϴ -ī ϱ  ִ ù 10 ̴.


ÿ ̽ô 2014 ī ̿ ȭ Դ. ڴ Ϳ ̰, ̽ ڴ ̽ ȸ ī ȭ , Ϲݱʹ ڷγ19 濪 ¶ ÷ ZOOM ȯϿ ÿ ϰ ִ.


- ȭ 12 1ȸ Ǹ, ε ùε پ ֵ ̴.


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1) - ȭ û : https://forms.gle/D7UHvPq8rSWUYeBM8

2) -ī ȭ û : https://forms.gle/NSdck5jNd4KZzhmQ9


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