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2021 Support Project for Foreign Community Cultural Events

2021.02.08 3533

Suwon Center for International Cooperation Notice No. 2021 - 0176


SupportProjectfor Foreign Community CulturalEvents


Suwon Center for International Cooperation(SWCIC) hereby announces its support plans for the promotion of cultural events held by foreign residents community in Suwon.


2021. 2. 8.


Chairman of Suwon Center for International Cooperation

1. Eligibility

Foreign cultural events to be held in Suwon within March and June, 2021

- Foreign cultural events to be held in Suwon

- Cultural events related to music, sports, food, clothes, etc. hosted by foreign residents communities in Suwon.

- Cultural, academic events held by foreign university students in Suwon.

- All foreign residents including foreign students, international marriage immigrants, foreign laborers, etc.

- Events that include participation of both foreign and local residents are preferred.

2. Subsidy Amount

100,000 ~ 1,000,000 won per community group

Partial support for event expenses (less than or equal to 90% of total expenses)

Different support for event expenses by group

3. Application

Period : February 8 (Mon) to 26 (Fri) 18:00

Documents to Submit : Application Form, Detailed Event Plan, Introduction of the Organization

Please download the Application Form from the SWCIC website (

Forms can be written in Korean or English(It could be written in both.)

How to Apply : By e-mail (

For more inquiry call : 031-248-9397

4. Other

Following the criteria for selection, one event per country will be chosen.

(More than one event per country may be selected in certain circumstances)

Non-cultural exchange events such as private internal events, club events, and for-profit events will be excluded from consideration for support.

Events that have been selected will receive a notification, and orientation for accounting will be made respectively.

Arrangements regarding the date, time, and venue of all events can be discussed and decided in agreement with Suwon Center for International Cooperation.

All the events must be held before June.

If no problems are identified from the financial statement submitted following the completion of the event, the grant will be provided within 30 days after the event.

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