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International Exchanges

The Night of International Sister & Friendship Cities  

For : Performance groups from Suwon’s sister and friendship cities

Activity : Inviting traditional performance groups and celebrating Suwon Hwaseong Cultural Festival together.

Language and Cultural Training to Suwon  

For : Korean study group from abroad.

Activity :
  • Participating local festivals, experiencing Korean culture by staying with host family
  • Language, culture exchange with Suwon citizens

Suwon-Fukui Elementary·Middle School Students Exchange Exhibition  

For : Suwon, Fukui elementary · middle school students

Activity :
  • Improving students' creativity, artistic skill through exhibition
  • Building foundation for further exchanges between the cities

International Exchange Conference of Universities in Suwon  

For : Kyonggi, Kyunghee, Sungkyunkwan, Ajou universities

Activity : Supporting international exchanges and implementing joint program (Sports Day for International Students, Internship Program for International Students)

JENESYS Suwon Student Delegation to Shizuoka  

For : Students from universities located in Suwon

Activity : Learning history, traditional culture, staying with host families, and understanding Japanese society by students exchanges.

Shizuoka Student Delegation to Suwon  

For : Students from universities located in Shizuoka

Activity : Student exchanges, learning traditional culture, and improving relation between the cities

Attracting Foreign talents  

Ajou-Suwon Scholarship Program for Master Degree  

For : International students or officials recommended from sister and friendship cities

Activity :
  • Improving cooperative relation and international exchange with sister& friendship cities
  • Attracting global talents by providing 50% exemption of tuition fee and supporting living & dormitory expenses

Attracting talents from Fez, Morocco  

For : Students recommended from Fez, Morocco

Activity : Supporting Korean language courses, application&tuition fees, living expenses, dormitory&insurance fees

Scholarship for Language Study Abroad to Jinan university, China  

For : Suwon citizens and university students located in Suwon

Activity :
  • Giving opportunity to attend Jinan University as education exchange
  • Total or half exemption of study-abroad cost


For : Host families and foreign guests

Activity : Staying and having meals with host families to experience Korean culture

International Correspondents of Sister and Friendship Cities  

For : Native or Korean residents in Suwon sister & friendship cities

Activity : Gathering global reports from international correspondents and sharing with Suwon citizens through website.

participating in sister&friendship cities‘ festival and supporting citizen to citizen exchanges  

Participating in Cluj-Napoca’s Day Handcraft Festival in Romania  

For : Handcraft artisans in Suwon

Activity : Showcasing traditional Korean handcraft by exhibition and cultural exchanges

Participating in International Traditional Art Festival in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia  

For : Handcraft artisans in Suwon

Activity : Showcasing traditional Korean handcraft by exhibition and cultural exchanges

Inviting Koryo-saram to Suwon  

For : Koryo-saram living in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

Activity : Inviting Koryo-saram(ethnic Koreans in the post-Soviet states) during Suwon Hwaseong Cultural Festival to give a chance to experience Suwon culture and build foundation for further exchanges

Suwon, Korea - Jinan, China Youth Sports Exchange 

For : Youth athletes from Jinan, China and Suwon

Activity : Implementing friendly matches including soccer and badminton, training, and exchanges

Spreading Suwon News to Korean Communities 

For : Korean communities in Suwon’s sister and friendship cities

Activity : Sending Suwon newsletter to Korean communities in Suwon’s sister and friendship cities every month