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Hello! Thank you for visiting the SWCIC homepage.

SWCIC is an organization established with aims to enhance Suwon’s international ties with various cities around the world including our own sister cities, as well as supporting our citizens to be equipped with global mind. Ultimately, we strive to achieve further development of Suwon.

Suwon has in total of 16 international sister or friendship cities in 13 different countries around the world. This makes us one of the most active municipal governments in Korea engaged in international community. We do our best to make opportunities for citizens to become leaders in the Global Era of the 21 st century.

SWCIC provides various programs such as Foreign Language Club, Global Cultural Lectures, International Exchange Supporters Program, and other programs which will take place in a near future. Through these programs, we will contribute to promote the creation of a truly globalized community within Suwon. Especially, the Center aims to help globalization in private sectors, meeting demands from citizens, students, corporations and universities. At the same time, we will also devote ourselves to develop international programs that would reflect Suwon’s unique characteristics and enhance our City’s both tangible and intangible brand power.

Conclusively, we hope to gain your continuous interest and participation which is a foundation for our city Suwon to become a top global city through SWCIC.

Thank you very much.