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수원시국제교류센터 행사

2019 Fall Suwon Family Day종료 

행사기간 : 2019-09-28 ~ 2019-09-29 시행처 : (재)수원시국제교류센터

- Live as a member of a Korean Family -

2019 Fall Suwon Family Day

Are you a foreign undergrate or graduate student in Suwon?

New to the city and want to know more about Korean culture and Suwon?

Been here quite long time and you miss the feeling of being in a family?

Our Homestay Program is your chance!


Suwon Family Day is a program organized by Suwon Center for International Cooperation(SWCIC) that offers foreign students an opportunity to learn more about Korea and Suwon by spending a weekend with local host families.

[Date and Time]

2019. 9. 28(Sat) 13:00 ~ 9. 29(Sun) 16:00 (1night 2days)

[Orientation: Meet your Host Family]

Date : 2019. 9. 28. (Sat)

Time : 13:00 ~15:00

Venue : Auditorium, Suwon Hwaseng Museum

[Capacity] 40 Students

[Fee] Free of Charge



2019. 9. 11. (Wed) ~ 9. 19. (Thu)


Foreign Undergraduate and Graduate students in Suwon

Newcomers to Korea will be considered first


Fill out the online application form


Send the application via online

Wait for the result

The application result will be notified via email on 20th of September


Tel : 031-248-9397, e-mail : hmkimsuwon@gmail.com


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