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SWCIC Korean Culture Day - Guideline for 'Manners maketh Korean'종료 

행사기간 : 2015-08-22 ~ 2015-08-22 시행처 :





Guideline for 'Manners maketh Korean'


Hello, everyone!

Thank you for applying for “Manners maketh Korean” organized by SWCIC.

Hoping we can make a memorable time together, let me provide you with some guideline.


About ‘Manners maketh Korean!’

The program, ‘Manners maketh Korean’ is designed for foreign students of Suwon city to experience Korean traditional culture and enjoy dynamic traditional activities.


- Gathering on August 22, 2015 by 12:00p.m.

Please come 10 minutes early (11:50).


- Meet at Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation

Please refer to the map to find the place

(Address : Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation, 178 Ingye-ro, Paldal-gu, Suwon-si)


1. How to wear Korean traditional clothes.

Koreans still bow to people occasionally. There is a guideline explaining how to bow, which is called '배례법' (Salute). It specifies how to bow, when to bow, rules when you bow, and etc. We'll conduct it ourselves with an instructor's easy explanation.

2. How to drink tea.

Traditional Korean clothes, Hanbok, are beautiful. However, it could be somewhat difficult to wear properly for foreigners. Through this opportunity, you'll try on Hanbok and learn how to wear it.

3. How to greet when wearing Korean traditional clothes.

There is also a way, 다례법, when we drink tea. What benefits can we get by learning it? First, you'll be decent. Superficially, the purpose of 다례법 seems to learn how to drink tea. However, the real purpose is to make people decent. You'll surely experience a change in yourself. Second, you can meditate. As a result, you'll be peaceful and mentally stable. There is a study of proving it. Aside from the benefits, there are more.

4. Speed Quiz!



E-mail at scvakorera@gmail.com or call 031-248-9397




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