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  • Templestay in Yongjoosa!

    I went to Yongjoosa for a program of Suwon Center for International Cooperation as a volunteer with some foreign students who are staying in Suwon as exchanged students. Even if it was so harsh and cold, I learned lots of things.

  • Templestay, SWCIC Korean Culture Day

    Suwon Center for International Cooperation (SWCIC) made a special event, "SWCIC Korean Culture day". To celebrate Korean Culture day, SWCIC invited About 30 foreigners and visited Yong-Joo temple located in Hwasung together.

  • "Olle Street" of Ingye-Dong?

    This year, Suwon city planned to make new project as village renaissance. So they started to initiate a reform of villages in Ingye-dong. The purpose of this project is to prevent slumism of original downtown and to regain community spirit by using rich resources of new downtown.

  • The Perfect Taste of Chicken at Suwon Chicken Street

    Did you know there is a street called "chicken street", in Suwon? This famous street is located near Suwon Hwaseong, the Hwaseong Fortress. As you can see in the pictures, you would probably notice a number of sign boards that sell chicken.

  • Tasty road: Ajou University

    Have you ever been in the area of Ajou University in Suwon? You can enjoy nice meals and experience much energy of the students around Ajou University. I want you to visit some popular restaurants near Ajou University. As a student of Ajou, I have been to a lot of nice places there, so I am sure that my review will be useful for you. Let me show you good restaurants in the aspects

  • Jidong Mural Village - The Old and Fashionable

    Today, I will introduce one of the mural villages in Suwon which is in Jidong. There are three types of mural village in Suwon and this one is the biggest one. You can see many types of murals through the village where people live.

  • Ajou International Day - The Whole World at One Place

    There was a nice cultural event at Ajou University in Suwon on Thursday, November 6. Ajou University held “Ajou International day" which is one of the most popular events in Ajou. The venue was the large field next to the gymnasium of Ajou univ.

  • Meeting Various Cultures in Ajou International Day!

    On November 6th, 2014 Ajou International Day was held at Ajou university. Including Korea, China, India and USA, 38 countries had their own booth to introduce their culture. Suwon Center for International Cooperation (SWCIC) also participated in the event with SCVA members. I will show you our activities!

  • Be My Mentor: Meeting the Global Leader?

    On October 15th, Kim Taewon mentor came to the ‘Be My Mentor: Meeting the Global Leader.’ His presentation took place in Dasan Hall, Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation. Kim Taewon is one who works for Google Korea, one of the most popular workplace for young people today. He was invited

  • English Movie Discussion with Citizens and Foreign Residents

    Let's meet movies and people at 'Movie Talk!'. Movie is one of the easiest ways to learn other languages and culture. We can not only learn the language but also communicate with others through films.

  • Recommendable Cafes in Suwon

    In Korea, Cafe industry is very developed. You can find various and a lot of cafe in everywhere. And there are famous cafe franchises. But today, I will introduce two cafes which you can enjoy only in Suwon. Especially, their atmosphere is very comfortable and nice.

  • Taste the Street Foods Near Suwon Station!

    You might not see people eating foods on the road in Korea. In the past, many people used to enjoy street foods after they finished work. I do not know since when it becomes difficult to see street foods.