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All in One(The 7th Multicultural Unity Festival)

2014.10.02 관리자 6332

All in One

The 7th Multicultural Unity Festival



The 7th Multicultural Unity Festival was held on September 14, 2014. It was to celebrate Suwon becoming one of the global cities. People from various culture came into Suwon so the city is trying to have them as friends with citizens.





The festival included lots of shows on the main stage, like, taekwondo, dance, and also fashion show etc. Especially the fashion show was with all kinds of traditional clothes. I was too into it that I forgot to take pictures. However, the most central event was Suwon’s celebrities mixing very huge bibimbap in front of the main stage. The bibimbap represents various cultures living together like Suwon. I think it can also mean Korea becoming multicultural country.





There were some experience events which include making things or eating various kinds of food. People can make bow, have fun with slap-match(ddak-ji), or eat Nepal’s traditional food. Even though there were various kinds of booths, food booths were very popular among the visitors.
 There was one Russian couple who have been in Korea for about an year. They were proud of the Korean traditional picture they got from the booth. They haven’t tried many of the things from the festival, but they are going to look around and they also said they want to experience a lot of things from it. 




 There were two guys in front of the hot dog booth. At first, I thought they were working there, but they weren’t. They just tried that hot dog and they were so into it, so they’re just helping the booth out. They felt good about this kind of events, but they were also a little disappointed with this festival. The reason why is that they felt like celebrities are gathering foreign people only from factories or Samsung. They could have never known if they didn’t go to their church. I think the festival should be more promoted to different people from all over the world. 





 After mixing the huge bibimbap, people got it from the main stage and then ate it around the grass. There was one guy eating it with huge smile. He was trying bibimbap the first time and he really liked it. However, he said he felt sorry for the main stage shows. He thinks they prepared lots of things but not many people are focusing on the main stage but just hanging around the booths. He also said he is hoping it could be better next year. 


 Even though I cannot say everything was perfect, I was actually happy to see people from all around the world having fun together even though they don’t talk or act all the same. Next year, I would like to go with my family and feel the world in Suwon.









[This article was written as part of SCVA(Suwon Center's Volunteer Activators) activities.]


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