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  • Wolhwawon: Encountering Chinese Traditional Garden in Suwon

    If you are Chinese so you miss your culture, or if you are the one who wants to experience exotic atmosphere in Suwon, How about Wolhwawon? Today, I will introduce Chinese garden in Suwon, named “Wolhwawon”.

  • The Vivacious and Colorful Korean Traditional Markets in Suwon

    Korean people who wants to buy some things, they just would visit the large mart in town. Nowadays, it has become normal to visit large marts in the city to go shopping. So most of young generation in the city does not know much about the traditional markets’ advantages. But If

  • Have Your Tasty Drink at Sam Ryan's Pub

    You guys may know of Sam Ryan's Pub. Sam Ryan's is a western sports bar with darts, 8 big screen TVs, and a full bar menu including a weekend brunch. There are several cozy areas for intimate gatherings, but also plenty of window-side seating for those who want to gaze at the nightlife below. This is one of

  • All in One(The 7th Multicultural Unity Festival)

    The 7th Multicultural Unity Festival was held on September 14, 2014. It was to celebrate Suwon becoming one of the global cities. People from various culture came into Suwon

  • Multicultural Unity Festival by Suwon City

    On september 21, '2014 the 6th multicultural unity festival' was held well with the theme that is '2014 'being together with muti cultural unity'. The officials of Suwon city informed that more than 3,000

  • Beautiful Gwanggyo Lake Park

    It is not that easy for citizens of big city to relax at the park which has various environment-friendly facilities. But you can visit great lake park easily if you are in Suwon.

  • 'The Capital City of Foootball’, Suwon!

    Do you want to have special hobby? Do you want to feel Suwon’s passionate culture? Do you want to watch Korea’s soccer match? Then, how about Suwon Bluewings?

  • Gwanggyo Lake Park Jazz Festival

    Gwanggyo Lake Park Jazz Festival was held on August 30, 2014. The show was to commemorate as the Gwanggyo Lake Park was nominated for 2014 Korea’s best landscape.