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Yongjoosa Temple in Suwon: Temple Stay Program

2018.10.30 관리자 726

Yongjoosa Temple in Suwon: Temple Stay Program






In August, SCVA cultural day program was held in Yongjoosa and we could enjoy the shortened version of temple stay for 4 hours. It was interesting and a nice opportunity to experience the atmosphere of temple and learn the etiquette. But since the time was limited, we skipped some program for SCVA cultural day. So I want to introduce the original temple stay program of Yongjoosa for anyone who is interested in Buddhist culture. Yongjoosa is quite close to Suwon. If you get on the bust number 46 you can arrive Yongjoosa directly and it takes about 50 minutes from Suwon station. if you want to take a subway, you should take line number 1 from Suwon station and transfer at the Byungjeom station. At the exit no.2 you can get a town shuttle bus such as bus number 34. It takes about 35 minutes.

Yongjoosa temple is built for Sado crown prince who died in a wooden rice chest. King Jeongjo wanted to pay respect to his father Sado crown prince so he determined to build this temple. So Yongjoosa is related to the filial love and affection like Suwon Hwaseong Fortress. Yongjoosa is the temple where English translators are available. The program is led by monks and the staffs will translate in English. Temple stay is a cultural program that gives you the chance to experience the Korean Buddhism and to think about yourself in tranquility. In one-night-two-days program, it is a unique opportunity to stay in an ancient temple and experience the life of a Buddhist practitioner. Before registering the temple stay, please notice that smoking is strictly forbidden in all Buddhist monasteries and you should be decently attired. Yongjoosa has two temple stay programs. The first one is the daily temple stay program. It is The program is composed of lotus flower making with crepe paper, tea ceremony with a monk. It is held at temple stay Hyohaeng Munhwawon from Thursday to Saturday. It costs 20,000 won and takes about 3 hours. Second one is 1night 2days temple stay the for finding your true self. It is composed of temple tour, meditation, tea ceremony with a monk, Yebul which is Buddhist ceremony to pay respect and Barumgongyang which is formal monastic meal. 1night 2days program is held in every weekends and costs 60,000 won. More information and reservation can be found and done from the folllowing link: https://eng.templestay.com/index2.asp? You can review the information and comments left by previous participants and make reservation. Then confirm your reservation and pay the fee at the temple on arrival of your Temple stay. It is worthy to experience temple life and focus on your true-self. If you need a rest with peaceful atmosphere, why dont you visit a temple and follow the temple stay program?




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