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A The sister-city, Freibrug citizens' Visit to Suwon

2018.10.30 관리자 752

A The sister-city, Freibrug citizens' Visit to Suwon




Freibrug has been the sister city of Suwon city since November 2015. Freiburg is a city in Baden-Württemberg, southwestern Germany. Its area is 153.06km2, and its population is 202,500. This September, the mayor and jazzchor of Freibrug visited Suwon City. Jazzchor performed few concerts, and the main one was the Suwon Jazz Festival.



This time, 21 citizens of Freiburg visited Suwon in October. One- day city tour program was organized by Suwon Center for Internatinal Cooperation. The 'Suwon-Germany Love Association' joined the program and interacted with the citizens. They visited Hwaseong Palace, where the narrator explained the history of the place in English. They took the Hwaseong Trolley in Yeonmudae and looked around nearby areas such as Hwaseong Haenggung and traditional market Then they went back to Hwaseong Haeggung and watched the performance of martial arts. Lunch was bulgogi. It seemed everyone enjoyed it.



Next they changed into Hanbok, the korean traditional costume and went to the Traditional Food Experience Center to learn Dado' , the tea ceremony experience. The instructor, was a very popular person who often appears on related TV programs. Afterwards, They were able to go up about 100 meters above the ground by riding the Flying Suwon, which is hot air balloon, to look down at Suwon City. They had Bibimbap for dinner and exchanged souvenirs from Suwon and Freiburg with each other.



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