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“Peace through Music “-Suwon Jazz Festival (September 7th)

2018.10.30 관리자 755

Peace through Music -Suwon Jazz Festival (September 7th)




Suwon Jazz Festival was held in Gwang-gyo Lake Park on September 7th and 8th. It was held at the lawn plaza in front of the sports climbing center. The Festival was for free of charge and the citizens could bring their own picnic mats and food. On September 7th, the line-ups for the festival were KT&G youth band, Jazzchor Freiburg, Yun Seok Chul Trio and JK Kim Dong Wook Band. The performance started at 6 at night until 10. Other than the jazz performances, there were lots of different kinds of booths such as throwing dots on board to win gifts, little supermarkets and food trucks selling delicious food.

Another special thing about this festival was that a special jazz choir from Freiburg, Germany, which is the sister-city of Suwon came to perform. The conductor of the choir said even though he has "travelled to many countries to perform, Suwon ,our sister-city is very special to every one of the members.".

The night was very enthusiastic and the reactions of the crowds were amazing. It sure was a healing moment for those who are busy with school, work and everything. If you are interested I think it is a great idea to visit the next 2019 jazz festival.




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