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Hanok Technology Exhibition hall

2018.08.31 관리자 1035

Hanok Technology Exhibition hall

Mingyo Jo


In this June, we visited Suwon center for traditional culture on the SCVA cultural day. We made Gujeolpan which is the royal food in Joseon dynasty. It was fun and interesting that we could make a meal together. ‘Hanok Technology Exhibition Hall’ is located just beside the Suwon center for traditional culture. Both are built following Hanok(traditional Korean style house) architectural style. You can get here by taking buses number 11, 13 at the Suwon station exit 4 or bus number 60, 660, 7-2 at exit 7. Then get off the bust at the Janganmun. You can see beautiful Hanok structures lined in a row.

Hanok Technology Exhibition Hall opens at 10:00am and closes at 17:00. The place is closed on Mondays and National Holidays. There is no entrance fee. There are about 4 concepts of exhibition such as learning about Hanok, experiencing Hanok and information about Suwon city’s Hanok. Hanok is the architecture created by Korean traditional technique and mode. In narrow scope, it means ‘residential household house’ and in the wide scope, it includes ‘overall Korean traditional architecture’. Traditional Hanok was completed in late Joseon Dynasty and the term ‘Hanok’ appeared in a document since 1907. Hanok is related with ondol, floor and kitchen, which are the basic compositions, and are divided into various local types. In exhibition, you can learn about the history of development and types of Hanok with pictures. You can also learn the process of building Hanok and materials used to build Hanok.

Moreover, there are screens on the walls in the meeting rooms. The video introducing Hanok is played all time with English subtitles. With picture and explanation, we can know better about Hanok.

At the entrance, there is a standing advertisement board that informs the experience program which is provided to help people understand the structure of Hanok with puzzle. You can register it online from the following link. (Suwon cultural foundation http://www.swcf.or.kr)


Suwon city has supported projects of Hanok construction to make beautiful cityscape and establish the identity of our cultural assets. I didn’t know about this before and I think it is a good idea that we can inherit traditional value and develop it with modern idea. If you are interested in Hanok and want to experience the beauty of traditional structure, why don’t you visit Hanok Technology Exhibition Hall and learn about Hanok and get more detailed information?

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