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Suwon chorus festival

2018.08.31 관리자 1025

Suwon chorus festival

Mingyo Jo


The 16th Suwon chorus festival was held at Suwon Open Music Hall from August 12th to 15th. Suwon Open Music Hall is located near Suwon city hall station. It only takes 5 minutes from the Suwon city hall station exit number 1. You can see the big gate and outdoor stage. It started at 7 30 pm so the weather was quite cool to enjoy the performance with the wind.

I went to the Suwon Chorus Festival on the last day, which was on August 15th, the Independence Day. Because we were celebrating the 73rd year of independence, the content of the event was slightly different than other days. Other days were only composed of citizen chorus performance, but the on the last day they added the orchestra performance and other professional musical performer such as soprano, tenor, trumpet, bagpipe and popera. It was a good opportunity to appreciate high quality performance for free of charge! I was very satisfied with the Suwon chorus festival. Volunteers handed out the booklet, folding fan and Taegeukgi which is Korean national flag.

The bagpipe performance was interesting. I’ve never seen bagpipe before and I’ve never heard the name either. It made high-pitched sound and it was great. The Bagpipe is related with Scottish culture. It is composed of a bellows in the shape of a windbag and several sound pipes. So the performers wore Scottish traditional clothing while they were playing the bagpipes.

The performance of hybrid popera group was more familiar than others. They sang the pop song and arranged version of Korean song. So many people enjoyed the performance, humming the lyrics.



Between the professional performances, there was the citizen union choir singing along from the audience seats. When the conductor asked them to stand up, choir that wore white t-shirt and sat in front row started to sing the song together. The first song ‘the beautiful nation’ was so nice and I was very inspired. There were lyrics on the booklet that the volunteers handed out so I could sing along the chorus.



The highlight of this festival was the last part of the program. The orchestra played ‘Fantasia of Korea’ and the last song was the Korean national anthem. Many people waved the national flags which were distributed before the performance and sang along the national anthem. Many people became one through music and it was magnificent. This was a great time to commemorate the Independence Day. This festival is meaningful because many choirs in Suwon volunteered to participate and the opportunity of commemorating the Independence Day was given. Why don’t you visit the next Suwon Chorus Festival and appreciate good chorus and orchestra performance? Enjoy the music in summer!

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