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2018 Suwon culture night in August 10th -11th : Media façade and Ceremony of guard, Jangyongyeong

2018.08.31 관리자 1090

2018 Suwon culture night in August 10th -11th : Media façade and Ceremony of guard, Jangyongyeong  

Mingyo Jo

Today I’d like to introduce one of the biggest events in Suwon: the Suwon Culture night. You can enjoy this even twice a year, one in August 10th to 11th, the other in September 7th to 8th. The first one was held at Hwaseong hanggung, Hwaryeong-Jeon,Hanggung street, Suwon I park art museum and Sinpundong street. These places are closed to each other and are within walking distance, so you can easily look around and enjoy the event.

You can take buses from the Suwon Station to above places and the bus numbers you can take are; 35, 13, 999, 66-4, 66. It will take about 20~25 minutes. Make sure to check the location of the bus stop of each bus. I got off at Paldalmun station and walked to the Hwaseong hanggung.

This ticket is for the media façade show at Hwaseonghanggung and Hwaryeong jeon. Media façade is the illuminated image which is projected on the walls and building structure. I think this is the main event so I want to recommend you to book the pre-sale ticket. The ticket is free but you should book it through the search engine ‘Naver’ about two weeks ago. Check and get the information from official web site, Suwon cultural foundation (http://www.swcf.or.kr/?p=247).

Hwaseong hagngung is where the media façade show is held and it opens at 7 pm. Before that, at the foreground of Hwaseonghanggung, the ceremony of Jangyongyeong will be held at 6:30pm. Jangyongyeong is the special military in the Jeongjo’s reigning period. It functioned to reinforce the power of the king. Look at the traditional clothes. It is so colorful and nice. Also the traditional music is played while the ceremony and it was very good.



After the ceremony, you can finally get into Hwaseonghanggung.

You can appreciate the special performance of intangible cultural asset. The name of this dance is Salpuri. It is about exorcism and repelling the evil spirit. It was really interesting because I’ve never seen such a traditional performance before.

Can you guess what this is? This is called Duiju. It is a grain-chest which is made of timber to store grains. It has tragic story that the father of King Jeongjo, Sado crown prince was died in Duiju. Hwaseonghangung is the place where Jeongjo stayed when he visited royal tomb of Sado crown prince. It is symbol of filial affection of Jeongjo.


When it gets dark, they light up the place. It is so beautiful and you can enjoy the beauty of builidng structrue of Joseon.




And when the media façade show starts, it is so fantastic and joyful to appreciate the picture on the building structure. It is worthy to book and visit the Hwaseonghangung to see the media façade.


I was very satisfied with the Suwon culture night and I’d like to recommend it to other people. There are a lot of booths to experience traditional craft and food-trucks to sell good food such as grilled chicken skewers and steak. There are a lot of performances such as traditional music, dance and band. Suwon culture night will make you pleased by providing many events and activities. Why don’t you make a plan to visit the 2nd Suwon culture night which will be held in September 7th to 8th?


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