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Gwanggyo Lake Park, where you can feel the nature of the city.

2018.08.03 관리자 1200

Gwanggyo Lake Park, where you can feel the nature of the city.

Hayoung  Kim

Gwanggyo Lake Park is a lake park with 6 themes that preserves the nature of Gwanggyo mountain, source reservoir, and new reservoir as much as possible. Let’s find out what we can do around the beautiful lake.

At a place called Euban Leeve, you can see children playing in the water with fun. Just watching children play with water helps cool off the heat a little and brings a smile to their parents ' face.It recreates a new image in Lake Park, which operates as a dynamic life in the city, and uses the original value and cultural memory of the earth in the lake park.

(출처 https://post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=1492692&memberNo=3214786)

If you walk along the lake park, you will see a modern building called Avenue France. As in the name of Avenue France, it has two themes : " France " and " load. " Customers can feel the architectural motif of famous buildings and shopping streets in Paris. The buildings are arranged in a curve to express the culture and sensibility of French style. It aims to create a complex space where one can enjoy the beauty and taste of Paris while walking down the street for one day. It is crowded with people who come out to eat and shop with their families on weekdays evenings and weekends. Consumers of all ages, including couples in their 20s and 30s and young couples pulling baby carriages, are visiting the site.

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