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Wolwhawon, a traditional Chinese garden

2018.08.03 관리자 1295

 Wolwhawon, a traditional Chinese garden

 Hayoung Kim


Located within Hyowon Park in Suwon, you can see traditional Chinese garden in downtown. It was opened on April 17, 2006. The garden is said to have been built by Chinese workers by reviving the traditional architecture of Guangdong province. We can now see the modern technology and traditional garden styles.

There is a stone bridge made of granite. It blends well with the pond to create a tranquil landscape. As soon as you cross the Seokgyo Bridge, you may feel like you are the owner of this garden. How about taking a lazy walk more than ever?


Wolbang is one of the representative architectures of Wonlim architecture in China.
It looks like a floating house on the lake. The Wolwhawon, which seems to have moved Chinese gardens, is a place where we can treat thirsty people. It is beautiful from any position. No matter what angle you take a picture of, it must be a nice place.




1117 (In Hyowon park), Ingye-dong, Suwon-si



Open time

9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m


031-228-4184, 4187


photo reference : http://info.hanatour.com/dest/content/getabout/30?&contentID=1000050675101



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