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Gwanggyo Pureunsup Library: Take a rest with books in nature !

2018.07.05 관리자 3975

Gwanggyo Pureunsup Library: Take a rest with books in nature !

 작성자 : 양지혜


Last 12th April, beside the Gwanggyo Lake Park, library was newly opened. The name of the library is “Pureunsup” which means greenwood. Just like its  name, its entrance is between the trees.



Gwanggyo Pureunsup Library opens everyday except every 1st and 3rd Mondays and Temporary holidays designated by the government. Below is about opening hours.


Reference Room

Mon - Fri

Sat – Sun

Children Reference Room

09:00 ~ 18:00

09:00 ~ 17:00

General Reference Room

07:00 ~ 23:00

07:00 ~ 21:00


It has three floors above ground and one underground. At B1, there are   underground parking lot and conservation library. At 1F, there are lecture room, multimedia lecture room, multipurpose room and auditorium. At 2F, there are lounge, digital data room and general reference room. At 3F, there are café and children reference room. (café is not open yet but getting ready for open.)

left: entrance of general reference room / right: inside of general reference room


 left: children reference room / right: café


The library runs several programs as well. You can watch movies every Saturday 14:00 at the auditorium. And various experience programs are being held in library. Please refer to the following web page.


If you want to take a rest with books in nature, don't hesitate to visit here!

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