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The old tree that contains Suwon history

2018.06.29 관리자 1297


People usually think that they can see an old tree which lived more than 100 years only in the old temple or in the countryside. Unlike most people’s thinking we can see an old tree in Suwon which works as an guardian of the city. It is located inside the Dan-oh children park, Yeong-tong-gu.



This zelkova tree was designated as protected tree by the Office of Forestry in October 15, 1982 and that year the tree was exactly 500 years old. If you look at the information board placed in front of the tree, it says that the tree’s branches were used to build Hwaseong. So when you visit Hwaseong, look at the rafter carefully and it is the branch of this zelkova tree. Also, as I mentioned above, this tree worked as a guardian of the village. It hissed like a snake and warned the villagers that the bad thing will happen soon.

Now this tree is placed in the center of the apartments and works as a shelter for the residents. There is a playground and simple workout equipment near the tree also there is a pathway which leads to Yeongtong temple. So it’s a great place for a walk! Why don’t you visit this zelkova tree and feel the sprits surrounding the tree? I bet it will be a special experience.

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