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SWCIC Korean Culture Day

2018.05.15 관리자 1077

On April 7 th I went to Hwaseong Fortress to participate SWCIC Korean Culture Day program with foreigners staying at Suwon.

SWCIC Korean Culture Day allows foreigners to experience Korea’s traditional culture for free. I think that’s why many foreigners joined the program despite it was bit windy that day. We gathered at Yeonmudae(연무대) which used for military training in Chosun Dynasty.

After having ice-breaking time with team members, we did ‘Korean archery’. Everyone lined up straight facing the target. After hearing the explanation we had a shooting time. 10 arrows were given to each person and foreigners enjoyed it. Then we had a free time with the team members. My team walked along the fortress and two of the SCVA members including me explained each place to our team members. Other team took photos with each other or visit souvenir shop to buy something.

Our final destination was the handcraft workshop placed in traditional marketplace. To reach there we took Hwaseong Trollies. The trollies moved a bit slowly but it was perfect to sightsee the Hwaseong Fortress and the town. In handcraft workshop we decorated a cup with gold leaf. It was an unfamiliar craft to foreigners but there was guidelines written in English so it was comfortable for foreigners to finish their work. Also the craft shop managers gift-wrapped every single person’s cup and it was really nice of them.

Lastly we had another free time at traditional market place. Foreigners tried Korean Snacks such as rice cake or Tteok-bokki and looked around the Hanbok market too. This was the end of the 1st SWCIC Korean Culture day held in 2018. I hope the foreigners who participated the program enjoyed the day and got to know better about Korean culture. I also wish them to apply for the next SWCIC Korean Culture day again.

 [This article was written as part of SCVA(Suwon Center's Volunteer Activators) activities.]

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