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Cherry blossom in Kyung Hee university, ‘Kyunghee land’

2018.05.15 관리자 1124

Cherry blossom in Kyung Hee university, ‘Kyunghee land’

There are many famous spots known for cherry blossom in Suwon such as Gyeonggido provincial government and Hwaseong Temporary palace. Today I want to introduce the Kyung Hee university campus located in near Yeongtong station. You can go to Kyung hee university by taking a subway and bus line number 9, 9-1, 310, 900, 7-2 and 5 from at the Suwon station. It takes about 40 minutes on average.

When the spring is come and the cherry blossoms are bloom, we call our campus as ‘Kyung Hee land’ and say the Kyung Hee land opens. In this spring, many people came to our campus to walk and take photos and enjoyed the spring. When you arrive at the campus, you can see the main gate which is very huge and beautiful. It is built following the neo-renaissance style of architecture. And you can see the access road with cherry blossom trees. Walking this street, many people take a photo intended to expose the main gate with cherry blossom.





And then you can see the round shaped building which is for the department of foreign language and literature. In front of this building, there is bus stop and you can take a bus free in the campus to the last stop of the bus, the square of contemplation. This place has a lot of cherry blossom trees and it has less floating population than the main gate street so it is easy to take photos. In the square of contemplation, there is a statue of man who contemplates and a central library. A lot of people and freshman usually take a photo with the statue. And there are a lot of benches and you can order delivery service and eat here. In spring, a lot of students hang out in here and eat delicious food and drink alcohol. There is term 사막(sa-mak) which means drinking makgeoli which is the Korean traditional rice wine in the square of contemplation in spring. Why don’t you enjoy spring and cherry blossoms in the Kyung Hee university campus and experience Korean delivery service and delivery food?






This spring, the weather is not good for enjoying cherry blossom because of fine dust and rain. But I took some photos of cherry blossom in Kyung Hee university and I hope that this article inspired you. Visit Kyung hee university in next spring!

 [This article was written as part of SCVA(Suwon Center's Volunteer Activators) activities.]

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