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Let me introduce the fist Sports Day for International Students in Suwon!

2017.12.05 관리자 2491

Let me introduce the fist Sports Day for International Students in Suwon!

In November of the winter, the exciting and dynamic contest opened in Suwon to warm the cool temperatures! It is Sports Day for International Students in Suwon City! The contest was held at Ajou University Indoor Gymnasium on Sunday, November 5. The sports competition is said to be a place for students to build a permanent global community in Suwon, Gyeonggi Province and prepare for a chapter of harmony and communication! People from all over the world gathered together as one of the festivals. The SCVA covered the scene!

The contest was hosted by Suwon International Center, Sungkyunkwan University, Kyonggi University, Kyunghee University, and Ajou University. Students who participated in the contest wore different colors for each school. Students at the Sungkyunkwan University wore yellow uniforms, the Kyonggi University wore Red one, the Kyung Hee University Green one and the Ajou University Blue one. Before the contest began, there was an opening ceremony. Before the contest began, there was an opening ceremony. There was a introducing visitors, a pledge to play fair play, an opening announcement and a group photo shoot.

After the opening ceremony, the players performed according to the directions of the MC! Stretching to relax your body doesn't hurt you during the game! Students participating in the contest helped push and stretch each other's bodies! Some people turned red when they loosened up. Even the fun of doing stretching because of the fun of the MC!

After stretching, the game started in earnest. The first game started was called the Wave Skating Award. After standing in a double file, two runners carrying a circular roller below or over the team pass the halfway point while accomplishing a given mission. The team that first reached the finish line is win. It was very impressive to see that the team was stirred up to win the team's victory.

The seven-legged Race is six participants make seven legs with a tool and pass the halfway point. Then, the second and the last team pass the halfway point with seven legs. The team that first reaches the finish line wins! They needed a lot of cooperation in order to get in the fast lane. At first, they walked slowly, but I was able to see the players who were running well. The triumph of the winning team, " Victory! " looked great. In addition, there were many more events such as " Bouncing a Ball Together" and " Throwing a Ball, " which holds the ball high in the ball.

During the competition, there were staff members who helped make the game smoother. Before the game, the staff helped explain how the game was played. Also, they gave a kind explanation to students who do not understand the language, and tried to secure the safety of the players. In the corner of the gym, medical teams were prepared for possible injuries. Their efforts and dedication resulted in the elimination of the competition without compromising safety accidents.

The Suwon Center for International Cooperation offers a wide range of attractions for foreigners in Suwon city. This is the case with the Sports Day for international Students which is for foreign students in Suwon. It was a fun and satisfying contest. Are you studying abroad? Are you attending a university in Suwon city? Then, try participating in a foreign student sports event next year! So far, it was SCVA!

 [This article was written as part of SCVA(Suwon Center's Volunteer Activators) activities.]

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