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Visit the place where Hallyu starts

2017.09.08 관리자 2670

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Hallyu, which refers to the increase in populariy of South Korean media worldwide, is already a wonderful reminder of Republic of Korea. It’s is a Korean drama that occupies many of the Hallyu. There is a place where famous Korean dramas are produced in Suwon, The KBS Suwon Center! The KBS Suwon has long been a popular place where many dramas are being produced. Also the KBS Suwon Center offers a tour program where people can experience how dramas are produced. During the program, I was able to experience the production set and and various special effects based on technology. Let’s try to introduce the scene directly to YOU!

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When you enter a tour hall, the models of the actors who appear in ‘the Iris’, the Korean drama with red seats are displayed in real size. I can remember watching it with excitement before. I’ve been looking forward to the program. As time passed, our guide came out. She described the brief program introduction and rules during the tour. Before departure, you should write down your name and partner number. If done, you will receive a special postcard from the KBS Suwon Center!

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The tour program started with a vibrant voice from guide with “Let’s go!” First of all, I arrived at the filming site where the KBS soap drama, ‘The woman’s Sea’ is filmed. Rooms in the site were built in the context of the 70’s. Lots of lights are installed on the ceiling of the site. In particular, the lights can be put on special filters, giving rise to daytime and nighttime activities. The guide said that once the drama ends, it breaks down for another shooting.

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The second visit is a special makeup room. The special makeup is said to be used for realistic representation of dramas and movies. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go inside, but instead, the guide showed me fake arms and the mask worn by actor ‘Joo won’ in ‘Gahksital’, the famous Korean drama. The mask is made of rubber unlike looks. And I felt a little creepy when seeing the fake arm. In addition, I was able to be told about a fake horse. It is amazing to say that it’s made of real horse fur for the sake of realism.

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The third is Chroma-key room. Here is a scene where forecasters tell us about weather. You can read the script to explain how the weather is directly on the stage. Specially, the background of the camera is blue. It’s because it makes it easier to synthesize the subject and the desired video. Using this principle, wearing a blue cloak, and you become invisible. Anyone can be Superman in a flying video. You can also wear 3D glasses and watch 3D movies. At the time of coverage, I watched the making film of “the Gahksital”, and music video sung by ‘G.NA’. Stereographic video creates a sensation of feeling like the screen pops up.

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The last one was a studio setting. Having commemorative photographs, all of tour program for the KBS Suwon center was finished. Due to the hot weather precaution, unfortunately, we haven’t seen the outdoor filming site. If the weather gets cooler, I’d like to visit again.

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Let me tell you about the processing of participating in the tour program. Participation in programs can only be made online. If entering the website of the KBS Suwon Center website(http://office.kbs.co.kr/suwon/), you can choose the time and date you want after joining the membership. Visitors to the tour program are free to attend, and everyone can participate in the program once they have reservations. However, please indicate that you need someone who can interpret it if you are foreigners. After reservation is complete, you can visit the building of KBS Suwon Center at the appointed date.

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So far, I have explained the tour program to the KBS Suwon Center. If you wonder how Korean dramas can be introduced around the comer of the world, you can enjoy the production process of them! Please don’t hesitate to schedule a tour program! So far, it is the tour program in the KBS Suwon Center, which make eye and ears pleasant.

 [This article was written as part of SCVA(Suwon Center's Volunteer Activators) activities.]

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