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Sports & Suwon -2 U-20 World cup

2017.07.05 관리자 2649

The 2017 U-20 World Cup was held in South Korea. From May 20 to June 11, each team worked best to win at the stadiums located in six cities, including Suwon. I visited the stadium in Suwon called “Big bird” to watch the match fixture between Republic of Korea and England.

Today's match was closer to Short term events due to the feature of the international competition. Unlike the big leagues in Europe, the K-League has the characteristics of spring opening at March (spring) and the League shut down in autumn. Suwon, where I was today, had a lot of football fans who are enthusiastic enough to be called "Soccer Capital."

Actually this is why I am writing this article today. Suwon Samsung Blue wings is one of the most popular soccer teams in Korea. Compared to baseball team, KT wiz, in Suwon city, Blue wings owns lot of enthusiastic fans. They show beautiful performances to cheer up their team. Even though Korea’s competitiveness in world is not that good, the stadiums and the performance of enthusiastic fan is best in Asia. I am pretty sure whoever visit Suwon’s home match fixture will fall in love with culture of supporting.

If you want to reserve a ticket for them, follow this link.
Price of ticket is 14,000\ ~ 22,000\.

The Blue sits costs \14,000 supporting for home team and red sits costs \14,000 but supporting for away team. The purple sits are most expensive which cost \22,000 and that is because the view is great and it helps crowds to get avoid from rain and sunshine heading towards their head.

And here’s one more tip for the people who are planning to visit Big bird. Never take your vehicle. Even though they have enough space for parking, it can take few hours to get out of the stadium. Subway will be too far to get to stadium so, you must take bus. The following buses will take you to Big bird.
 G-bus: 2-2, 5-4, 7-2, 9-2, 13-4, 19, 32, 32-3, 52, 80, 88-1, 99, 99-2, 720-1, 730, 999
 Red bus: 1007-1, 3002, 3007, 4000, 7000, 7001, 7002, 8800

Make sure that you arrive stadium an hour earlier than kick off. Because it is more complicated than you think. If you sit in N sector, you can enjoy the enthusiastic supporting culture. If you want to concentrate more to soccer match, E sector would be the best choice.

Visiting the Big bird would make you experience a unique culture both in soccer and supporting . More over if you feel annoyed because it is too crowded, just sit and wait about 30 minutes more after the match is over. Then, the players will come near you and appreciate supporters for singing and supporting them. I also waited after the match was over and saw the players really close like picture below.

This is a last tip: if you are watching international match in Suwon, N Sector will be away supporting area. It is exactly opposite to the club match fixtues. Hope you guys have great time in Big bird!