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Two Privileges of Families Living in Suwon : 'Suwon Toy Lending library' and 'I Love Mom Cafe'

2017.04.12 관리자 2813

There are two child-care institutions in Suwon : ‘Suwon Toy Lending Library’ and ‘I Love Mom Cafe’. Taking care of children is not an easy thing. However, families in Suwon, especially young parents, benefit from the two child-care institutions. These public services are also available for foreigners residing in Suwon. This article would be a good guide for people who want more information on those institutions.

First, I would like to introduce where you can borrow books and toys. Once you visit a toy market, you may notice that the toys are too expensive. Even kids lose their interest in a toy easily. If you live in Suwon and a member of the library, you can borrow toys and save money. Also, the institution has various kinds of toys that your kids can play with. For these reasons, Suwon Toy Lending Library gains popularity and provides satisfaction to the community.


Seven branches(Maegyo branch, Jungja branch, Changryoung branch, Jowon branch, Homaesil branch, Youngtong branch and Kwunsunhyu branch) of the toy library have been established so far since 2009. Firstly, I visited the Kwunsunhyu branch and a librarian said that around 2000 toys, 2000 books, and 500 DVDs for children are available to borrow. I could see that there are different kind of toys inside the library and the toys are classified by the children’s development needs such as tunes, language, role and so on. Furthermore, as cleaning and disinfection system works in three stages, it guarantees the perfect hygiene of the toys.


The Toy Library is operating with a membership system. If you are a citizen living in Suwon, including foreigners, and rearing a child under 5 years old, you are qualified to apply for the membership. Around 250 people are selected in random drawings and once you become one of the members, you are requested to pay a an annual membership fee, 10,000won. Then you can borrow toys, children’s books and DVDs following the procedure. 200 people from Vietnam, Australia and Mongolia are already using the lending services. Except that, various activities are also in progress such as a child-care program for members and nonmembers at Changryoung branch and Jowon branch. Especially, Changryoung branch provides a birthday event for multi-cultural children and Maegyo branch, the first open branch, donates 300 toys to a village called ‘Happy·Cam’, located in Cambodia.


The other one is “I Love Mom Cafe“. It’s a good place for parents to play with their children as the Cafe provides enough space. The Cafe has a play area, an entertainment program, a feeding and sleeping room and provides education and consultation for parents. So, the place is the best option for those who have difficulties in child rearing.

Parental education and consultation help young parents to be more matured, and children can feel more familiar with the society through diverse programs. Furthermore, interactions with peers let children improve their social ability. Especially, a manager of the Cafe recommends a program called “Saessak Nori”, which means playing with sprout, to the people who can’t speak Korean fluently before they participate in another program. There are nine cafes in Suwon where offer same services and it’s necessary to make online reservation a month before. before. Also, children under 36 months and parents living in suwon are eligible to apply.


For more information on these institutions, please click the URL below.

Suwon Toy Lending library : http://www.swchildcare.or.kr/toy/

I Love Mom Cafe : http://www.swchildcare.or.kr/imom/


  [This article was written as part of SCVA(Suwon Center's Volunteer Activators) activities.]



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