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2016 Suwon Theater Festival

2016.05.27 관리자 3580

2016 Suwon Theater Festival


May is known as "a month of family" because there are many dates that remind us of what it really means to be a family. And there was 20th anniversary Suwon theater festival that was successfully held from May 5th to 8th. It was a good chance to have a time with family. And then, the most impressive thing was that these were all free of charge.


In fact, we may think that a free event is a cheapie. But there were very polished performances. For example, an opening show of this festival, 'Kaosmos' was performed by a professional artist. Kaosmos showed the chaotic universe in order from the beginning of the universe. The explosion energy of the universe created from nothing, that was the birth of the universe. And its flying structure showed a movement that transcend the gravity. It also expressed an energetic explosion of universe, the Big Bang.

 [An opening show, Kaosmos ]


People said that it was a very professional festival. However, I think that it is only half correct. The reason is that there were not only very high quality plays performed by professional groups but also plays performed by youths and university students. It provided a large opportunities to amateurs or beginners to show their ability and it showed a bright future of the teather field.

[A closing show, Light, Nalda [A New Journey]]


These useful and various activities would made you to lose track of the time. Unfortunately, the festival came to an end with a closing show, Light, Nalda [A New Journey]. The topic of the show was that modern people are tired by light from offices and cars, but they could feel relaxed through the new light. And it can give them a vitality and hope. In the city sky, there was a huge fantasy performance.


I think it was very attractive festival for many people. If you lost this opportunity to join this festival, you should participate in next 21th festival. I was honored to be a part of twentieth anniversary celebration, and I watched all of the shows. It was a great festival in Suwon, and a good example for many festivals.



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