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International Exchanges

University students Exchange between Suwon and Shizuoka  

For : University students who is Shizuoka citizen

Activity : To enhance friendship and international exchange between Suwon and Shizouka.

Scholarship for Language Study Abroad to Jinan university, China  

For : Suwon citizens and college students in Suwon

Activity :
  • Opportunities to attend Jinan University as education exchange
  • Total or half exemption of the cost of study abroad

Language and Cultural Training to Suwon  

For : Korean study group from abroad.

Activity : Participating local festivals, experiencing the Korean living culture by homestay and language culture exchange between visitors and foreign language students in Korea.

The night of International Sister & Friendship Cities  

For : performance groups from Suwon’s sister and friendship cities

Activity : Inviting traditional performance groups from our sister and friendship cities to celebrate Suwon Hwaseong Cultural Festival as well as to enhance the relationship.

International Correspondents of Sister and Friendship Cities  

Activity : To gather the vivid global news from 16 cities in 12 countries through international correspondents and share it with citizens on homepage.

International Handicraft Festival  

For : Handicraft communities and associations of Suwon

Activity : Russia, Rumania, etc
Promoting private international exchanges by supporting citizens to take part in the festival